AIS Rescue

Redningssystem som varsler og viser posisjon til Mann Over Bord i kart på mobilen

This is how AIS Rescue works

Do you have the right life jacket?

Life jacket with good buoyancy

Choose the right life jacket in terms of weight and clothing. The lifejacket must be turned so that you are right in the water with free airways, with good freeboard so you do not swallow water.

Does anyone know you are in the water?

AIS transmitter

Activated automatically when the vest has blown up and sends continuous emergency message and GPS position received by all AIS receivers within easy reach.

Does anyone know WHERE you are?

With the AIS Rescue App, you have rescuers who are alerted if you are in need.

AIS Rescue app

Register your AIS transmitter and add rescuers who are automatically notified.

The AIS Rescue app is soon ready for launch.
For now, you can register your AIS transmitter.

AIS Rescue

Free download
NOK 49 DKK per month per rescuer
  • Registration of AIS transmitter
  • Add rescuers who receive notice
  • Send MOB notification to other vessels with AIS receiver
  • SMS alert for rescuers *
  • Free download and registration of relatives

Register your AIS device

It is free to register your AIS transmitter. Registration can save you in a MOB or crisis situation.

Download the AIS Rescue app

With registered rescuers, in an MOB situation, they will be notified on their mobile phone.

Events: You hit us here ...

  • Boats in the lake 2019 at Aker brygge.
  • We put on the Sea for everyone at Lillestrøm March 2020


AIS transmitter

AIS Search and Rescue Transmitter (AIS) is the solution for you who take your own safety seriously. With an AIS-SART in the life jacket, you have a high chance of survival if you fall overboard from a boat.

Our AIS-SART starts sending automatically if you fall into the water. AIS-SART is a Class A transmitter that transmits with a signal strength of 1-2 watts. It sends your emergency message (message 14 distress message) once per. minute at two frequencies: 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz. in a perimeter of 4-5 nautical miles.

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