AIS Rescue
The idea behind AIS-Rescue is to utilize AIS technology to save lives. With the use of several technologies, we have for the first time a complete personal rescue system with automatic activation and alert.

Why AIS-Rescue

With AIS transmitter, AUTOMATIC IS FAIL if you fall overboard (MOB).

In the free version, you can register your sender with contact info, so your rescuer can see who is in the water and verify the situation for faster rescue.

In the PRO version you have functionality for manual alert, test function, tracking and safer and better notification.

AIS-Rescue Pro

  • Register your AIS sender
  • Send MOB notification to other users of AIS-Rescue
  • Receive MOB notification from other users
  • Add contacts
  • Test Fuel, System Test, AIS Test.
  • SMS notification for example. MOB, grounding, acute illness and engine shutdown
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