Be an active resource or get help if you are in need

What is the rescue app?

The rescue app is a free app for iOS and Android for notification of events at sea.

The rescue app alerts in the following situations:

  • Medical emergency
  • Stall
  • Brann
  • Sinking / taking in water
  • MOB (Man overboard) *

* Alerts by man overboard from personal AIS transmitters.

As a free additional feature in 2020, you can register personal rescuers who will receive SMS notification if you are in need.

Help others in need

Mark the range in the map where you can be an active rescue resource.

If an event or accident occurs within range of your location, you will be notified.

You confirm that you can assist and the person in need is notified.

A dialogue is established with the person in need to coordinate the efforts.

Receive notification by man overboard from registered personal AIS transmitters.

Notify others if you are in need

An alert will be sent to nearby boatmasters and your location will be displayed in maps on their mobile.

When a boat confirms that they can assist you, you get a notification in the app and a dialogue is created.

* Requires that you register Personal AIS Transmitter

This is how it works:

A typical course of fire alerts, water, medical emergencies and engine stops in the Rescue App:

  • You get a motor stop and notify the incident with the Rescue app.
  • Boat drivers nearby with the Rescue App will be notified of your location on the map.
  • A boat confirms that they can assist you. Then a dialog with message function is created.
  • You will receive a confirmation that help is on the way and can communicate with the assistance via messages in the app.
  • The boat that assists can relay your position with map coordinates to emergencies if needed.

In a MOB situation (man overboard), the icon and position of the person in the water will appear in the map if their AIS transmitter is registered.

Support for personal AIS MOB transmitters

Do you have a personal AIS MOB transmitter to mount in the lifejacket?

When you create a user in the Rescue App, you can register your AIS transmitter.

By registering your AIS transmitter you can create rescuers who receive SMS notification if you fall overboard.

Other users of the nearby rescue app will also be notified if you fall overboard.